Kelas Pintar

Branding, UI/UX and Social Media / Year: 2018 – 2021


Kelas Pintar, first launched in Indonesia as ‘Extramarks Indonesia’, is among the fastest growing education technology platform from India.

After the first semester of their launch in Indonesia, they came to us with the following problems:

  • The brand needs to re-enter the Indonesian market, adapt, and adjust to local
 Indonesian audience
  • Web-based platform is considered not enough, so they need to develop mobile apps


UI/UX LEADFanny Tania

UI/UX DESIGNERErickson Jowana


VISUAL DESIGNERGilang Permono Jati

The Process

In the beginning, we had several discussions with internal stakeholders to better understand their product strength and business goals.

We researched about the market, trends, who the competitors are and  what are the market gap and opportunities in Indonesia’s ed-tech industry.

Then, we conducted a survey of 70 students to understand students’ study behaviour, and their pain points in online learning.

These processes led to solutions which came in the form of rebranding, website and mobile app UI/UX design, and social media content marketing.



We saw an opportunity for Extramarks to reenter the Indonesian market as an online learning platform that’s not only suitable for students (B2C) but also perfect for schools (B2B), where teachers in schools are equally important in student’s learning process.

With that goal, the rebranding is aimed to be more straightforward and resonate with its audience in Indonesia. Together with the client, we initiate the name Kelas Pintar and its brand positioning as an “online learning solution at home and at school”.

UI/UX Design

After rebranding, the next goal is to launch its mobile application. We approached with design thinking framework, where we started by learning students’ academic behaviors; figuring out what motivates them to study and the challenges they face. How can an education platform really help with their study?
Pain Points :

  • There are a lot of study materials online, but I’m not sure which
 part I need to study?
  • I’ve studied all day at school and it’s become so tedious. Should I
 really spend more time to study with online learning platform at
  • Independent learning is hard because there are no assurance or
 feedback on what I’ve learned

Fun and Interactive

A fun learning experience with gamification and
personalization features, so that learning does not become tedious:

  • Learning progress bar with competitive benchmark
  • Unlock levels by answering quiz
  • Detail and personalized reporting

Relaunch Website

As part of the rebranding process, we also
redesigned the customer-facing site with goals:

  • Reflecting their new visual identity
  • Cater both B2C and B2B target market
  • Easier subscription process, where 
parents can purchase subscription
 packages for their kids on the website

Product Branding

From 2019-2021, we also helped Kelas Pintar design its new product (UI/UX), product logo as well as its product launch campaign. Starting from TANYA – students free Q&A feature, SOAL – students test preparation feature, to GURU – online interactive class platform


Content Marketing

To continuously support Kelas Pintar’s marketing effort, we develop its day-to-day social media content, while also maintaining its design system (communication guideline, brand guideline and design assets).