CLIENTCentral Artha Mandiri


The Challenge

Central Artha is a nation-wide credit union that provides competitive rates on its credit services, as well as other financial services to its members. Since the client does not have a tangible product, coming up with a visual solution can be tricky. The brief was to retain brand equity, resonate with the potential target, and build a strong foundation for future growth.

Trust and Reliability

Our concept of the logo revolved around two connecting initials, C & A, which are visualized to envision trust and reliability. Following this, Titikgaris developed a comprehensive brand manual, which explains how the rebrand is to be rolled-out in terms of the new identity and how it is to be applied to the brand elements that they have. This was also paired with the design of a complete range of marketing collaterals.


Brand StrategyBrand IdentityBrand Guidelines

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