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History of Dapur Solo

A family-owned restaurant that serves authentic local cuisine – mainly from the city of Solo – Dapur Solo has been around since 1988. Founder Ny. Swan started the business from her garage as she decided to ride her bike every single day to sell a simple dish, Rujak (Indonesian mixed fruit salad). Through hard work, the business has successfully expanded and has seen great success.

At one point, the brand needed to evolve.

Renewed Brand Experience

Titikgaris conducted a brand workshop together with Dapur Solo’s management team to get a comprehensive understanding of the situation. After an extensive market research, we then formulated an integrated marketing strategy. This involved recreating and redesigning Dapur Solo’s websites, menu, and other marketing collaterals. We managed to deploy social media marketing campaigns and even initiated the idea of Dapur Solo’s very own food truck. The purpose is to elevate the entire brand experience for their customers across multiple channels.

Favoring Innovation

The integrated marketing solution and digital activation has clearly positioned Dapur Solo as a forward thinking and user-friendly brand amongst its audience and its competitors. Since the launch of DapurSolo Lunch Box’s new website, the amount of online orders coming in has more than tripled.


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