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Learn, Practice, Test

The existence of technology today plays a substantial part in almost every corner of our daily lives, and it naturally doesn’t leave the education world behind. Extramarks was founded to answer the challenge presented as we are facing Industry 4.0 and its impact on education. It is essentially an application for a fun and effective learning with a 3-pronged approach – Learn, Practice, Test – that benefits not only the student but also his parents and teachers.


Edutech is a field newly implemented in Indonesia, thus our challenge was to adjust various things of the brand’s objective in order to suit the market here. We also found complexity in developing an edutech brand – and integrating the “Learning Is Fun” vision – due to psychological differences in the students from elementary to high school.


Initially, we conducted research to determine the user habits in Indonesia. Then we implemented the results into a thorough wireframing process; we created a dashboard with versatile wallpapers and user-friendly features so that it is relevant for the students, parents, and also teachers.

The integrated app is also backed with an engaging social media presence, where we devise its campaign, manage the day-to-day activities, as well as monitor its growth to ensure a brand that always adapts and advances.


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