The Story of Ikikoue

In Javanese language, Iki means “ini” (this), Koue means “kue” (cake). Ikikoue serves a wide variety of Indonesian kue in a modern manner. Uniquely, the root of our traditional Indonesian kue, does not only come from the land of Indonesia. Many of our traditional cakes have been adapted from many foreign countries.

As an example, the traditional ‘kue ku’ are originally from China, while ‘sosis solo’ and ‘rissoles’ are in fact influenced by the European.

Challenge and Solution

In this era, where the young generation of Indonesia would be more familiar to cheese cake, or even the once-popular rainbow cake better than Indonesia’s very own ‘getuk pelangi’, it is our duty to help keep Indonesian traditional cake relevant to compete in the modern industry.

Titikgaris was commissioned to help Ikikoue with the brand’s marketing collaterals; we are bringing up the unique stories behind Indonesian traditional kue. For these stories shall never be forgotten.


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