Product and Market Expansion

Ramen One wanted to expand its product offering from just ramen to more Japanese food options, such as Donburi, Sushi, and Desserts. The brand needed to evolve to represent the new product offering but also engage a different audience to those who they had traditionally appealed to. Ramen One’s look needed to appeal to a “younger” ramen and sushi enthusiasts, so they approached us to give the brand experience a little revamp.

Lively Brand Experience

We repositioned Ramen One as a vibrant yet fun restaurant- exciting, comfortable, convenient and affordable place to eat and enjoy time with family and friends. With the new character design, Ramen Boy cheerfully carries on all the excitement and laughter. There’s also his friend Yeti, who would always happily serve delicious desserts. We have successfully delivered a welcoming and lively brand experience at every step of the journey.


Art DirectionGraphic Design for Print

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