CLIENTShokupan Bakery



Shokupan is a Japanese artisan bakery dedicated to providing its customers with the highest quality in ingredients, taste and presentation. Their commitment to producing healthy, fresh baked goods makes Shokupan a unique stop not only for those wanting a taste of Japan but for anyone wanting to give their taste buds a treat.

Despite having more than 20 branches throughout Indonesia, Shokupan lacked a unified communication channel. Titikgaris was then given the challenge to bring Shokupan into the digital space, to help Shokupan gain more awareness and eventually increase sales.


In 2015, we created Shokupan a beautifully designed website. The website takes its audience through the story of Shokupan, it allows the brand to not only showcase its products, but also the brand’s values. We managed to simplify Shokupan’s complex structure of information into a nice flow of user experience.

As we introduced Shokupan to the digital space, we put together an initial social media strategy for them to start reaching more customers. Shokupan also commissioned us with a set of Eid Al-Fitr marketing materials.


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