Saprotan Utama

Service Design & Digital Marketing Communication / Year: 2020 (6 months)


During the pandemic, Saprotan Utama – a company producing and distributing agriculture products (fertilizers, pesticides, and seeds) faced the challenge to reach out to their target audience. Restriction on public activities prohibited Saprotan Utama to conduct their regular offline/field marketing activities such as plot demonstrations, products consultation, or farmers meetings.

The goals for the project are:

  • Stay connected with their target audience
  • Elevate digital brand presence and awareness
  • Generate leads and conversion through digital marketing activities


UI/UX LEADFanny Tania

UI/UX DESIGNERErickson Jowana, Sharra Rusli


VISUAL DESIGNERGilang Permono Jati


We wanted to understand the problems better so we did desk research and stakeholder interviews where we discovered some of the important insights below.



Famers only use subsidized fertilizers and didn’t recognize non-subsidized fertilizer brands

(PRISMA agriculture study 2019)


Gap between the supply and demand of fertilizers in East Java. There’s only 1,34 tons of fertilizer while the demand is 4,03 tons

(PRISMA agriculture study 2019)


Farmers in East & Central Java have access to internet, mostly to look for good farming practice

(New Media Utilization for Young Agripreneurs
UGM Journal – May 2020)

User Interviews

To better understand how Saprotan Utama can build the right connections with their target audience, we went to East & Central Java and interviewed 30 farmers (30-50y.o.) to dig deeper about their digital behavior, motives, and pain points related to agribusiness. Some key insights are:

User Persona

Empathy Map

Problem Statement

Syafii need a credible source of good farming practice in her area so that she can overcome various agriculture problems and get optimal result that can promote better living.

How Might We

Create an online community of farmers and our agronomists, where farmers can share and discuss about their agriculture problems, and agronomists can help provide solutions.

Design Solution



Tanya Pak Tani
– Easy Access to Agronomist

Tanya Pak Tani connects farmers with local agronomist (Saprotan Utama agro-experts) to discuss agro-related issues specific to their area. Users can choose to connect via channels that are commonly used by these farmers such as Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram.

Various Channel Implementation

Learning & Iteration

During those 6 months, we continuously experiment, evaluate and optimize digital marketing efforts for better ways to connect with farmers.

As the outcome, Saprotan Utama new website generated 28,000+ visitors each month, with a significant increase in the website’s page visibility within 6 months through SEO and blogs.
Saprotan Utama new Facebook Page gained 12,615 followers with 14,71% engagement rate within the first 6 months of its launch.