People wonder why CH doesn’t play him more often. We had a player a few years back, I forget his name ex spurs and played midfield and up front. Great ability but was hardly ever played but when he did was excellent. “We didn’t know that Tim was fundraising on our behalf so we don’t have visibility on how much money was collected through that process,” Tink said. “From our perspective it’s a really sad thing that’s happened. A player with enormous potential who has made a bad decision.

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“States need to focus heavily on equity,” DePaoli said. “So many states have focused on increasing their graduation rates, now is the hard part.”Abigail Swisher, an education expert with New America said dual enrollment allowing students to enroll in college level courses while still in high school has been shown to improve graduation rates for underprivileged groups of students.”We found that the counterintuitive solution would be to actually give them more challenging coursework in the form of opportunities to complete college level work in high school,” she said. “When they have this opportunity.

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