MIKU is a financial technology (FinTech) brand that is formulated to assist a young family in organizing a detailed, structured, and effortless financial plan.

There are 4 selling points of MIKU:

  • Performance tracking

  • Consultation sessions with a financial planner

  • A detailed, structured, and actionable financial plan

  • Financial products to purchase

Of a novel startup idea, MIKU sought out Titikgaris to create a mobile app that would encourage intensive financial planning from its audience, while also providing a great user experience.


Our first step was to have long discussions with the founder to ensure a clear direction in every stage of the process. From there, we constructed a wireframe and visualized the brand’s core values of intuitiveness and “semudah mungkin” in the UX design.

The process also included converting user data that we developed into specific profiling, where users can obtain recommendations from MIKU that help them decide upon products and grow financially.

The cherry on top: the finished product helped the brand to enter the Top 10 at FINSPIRE!


WireframeUI/UX Design

Website Design