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Mandiri E-Cash is an online transaction service from Bank Mandiri where customers are able to make a purchase and pay with electronic money through their mobile phones. It required a microsite which stands as an online storefront for vouchers that can only be bought using Mandiri E-Cash.

Titikgaris was commissioned to create an online-to-offline experience with the application, that observed the standard system of Giftn as the 3rd party i.e. voucher provider.


Our team focused on constructing a site with an effective user interface for millennials, as the brand’s target audience, which would lead to an increase in the e-cash transactions through e-voucher sales. We started with wireframing to ensure a comprehensive and clear-cut flow that was also native. In consequence, this was followed by integrating Mandiri’s tone and design into the site as we took control of its overall digital branding.


WireframingUI/UX Design

Brand IdentityBrand Guidelines