CLIENTCV Cemilan Lokal


The Beauty of Diversity

Situated in the melting pot of Indonesia which is Jakarta, Sowan is loaded with big passion in supporting Indonesian authentic snacks. Wanting to portrait the various tastes of Nusantara culinary, Titikgaris was approached for full branding support that resonates with a diverse target audience, including local, corporate, and tourists.

Challenge and Solution

The creation of their logo began with a handcrafted process that combines “batik kawung” – whose motif symbolizes unity – with simplified beautiful feathers of a peacock. The feathers were then multiplied in a “kawung” pattern, reflecting pluralism of the Indonesian culture. The finishing earth color tone placed emphasis on the warm, ethnic, and humble values of the brand.

Once the base for brand’s look and feel were set down with the logo design, Titikgaris rolled out the brand design for its marketing collaterals, including e-commerce website, to create an offline-to-online experience.


Brand IdentityBrand StoryArt Direction

Marketing CollateralWebsite DesignWebsite Development